Las Posadas at MACC

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On December 9th we celebrated Las Posadas on our campus, it was a wonderful evening with many guests including our own Archbishop Gustavo, who blessed all the children who participated. We also observed the “Acostada del Niño” and closed with a celebration with tamales and buñuelos.  Click here for pictures!

MACC dedicates St. Vincent de Paul Study Room

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In gratitude for the donation of books from the Vincentian religious order, MACC has dedicated one of the study rooms of the new Virgil Elizondo library to St. Vincent de Paul. Click here for pictures.

Hispanic Heritage Month at MACC

MACC observes Hispanic Heritage Month with a display in the Guadalupe Student Center.          

MACC receives Grant

Thanks to an $85,000 grant by the Catholic Extension Church Society, student’s at San Antonio’s Mexican American Catholic College will have more opportunities to minister to the needy across cultural borders.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio will officially receive this grant for the 38-year-old Catholic college formerly known as the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC).

With these funds, MACC can launch their new bilingual Bachelor and Master or Arts degree programs in Pastoral Ministry. This is a significant step for the college located at 3115 West Ashby Place Street, which previously only offered certificates in language arts and Hispanic ministry.  Continue reading…

MACC in the news

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By Deborah Knapp-Bonilla- KENS-5 San Antonio.

Here’s something that may surprise you. In the United States, the majority of Catholics under the age of 25 are Hispanic. Of those, at least half are Spanish speaking. San Antonio is now playing an important role in ministering to that population.The Mexican American Catholic College is offering, for the first time, bilingual courses that will lead to bachelors and masters degrees in Pastoral Ministry.   Continue reading

Congratulations to Dr. Chávez

Honoring the Memory of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are happy to share the news that MACC’S President and CEO, Dr. Arturo Chávez, Ph.D is one of  Catholic Charities’ “Keep the Dream Alive” Awards Winner.

The awards will be presented at a special Mass on Monday, January 18, 2010, at the historic St. Aloysius Church in Washington, DC. Bishop Martin Holley, DD, Archdiocese of Washington, will preside at the Mass.

Dr. Arturo Chávez, Ph.D. is the president and CEO of the Mexican American Catholic College . He has worked for over twenty years in a variety of ministries.


A Special Summer!

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August 6 pics 084

We were blessed to have five participants in a special two-week Summer Spanish language program, participants included 3 priests from the Archdiocese of St. Louis MO., Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville, TN, and Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York City!  It was a joy to be able to celebrate Mass with them everyday and share in our MACC hospitality.  Their reports about our programs were glowing and they all mentioned wanting to return for more! Visit our photo gallery on our website for more pictures!

I was very impressed with the Intensive Pastoral Spanish course.  The class was individualized and provided encouragement throughout.  The teachers are highly qualified and blend language with culture.  The atmosphere at MACC is very serene and faith filled.  I encourage anyone in ministry to utilize the retreat like atmosphere of MACC to gain skills in language and ministry to the Hispanic Community.

Richard Hanneke, Vicar for Priests, Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO

If your experience is as helpful and enjoyable as mine was, you will not regret it. I went only for two weeks, hoping at least to leave with a comfort in celebrating mass in Spanish, praying, and able to complete a simple homily. All goals were accomplished! And in a climate of hospitality, faith and friendship. 

Most Rev. Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, NY

I found MACC an ideal environment for studying Pastoral Spanish. I was nervous about coming since it had been over 35 years since I had studied Spanish in college. Those fears quickly dissipated in light of the friendliness of the staff—a helping attitude which continued all through my stay. The teachers blew me away with their expertise in pedagogy, their endless patience, their willingness to go the extra mile, their relating my learning to my ministry, and their ability to instill a sense of confidence in learning. It was actually fun to be back in school again. MACC is a profoundly Catholic school, and that faith is lived and shared among everyone on campus whether in daily Mass, the holy hours, or conversation in and outside the classroom. The intentional connection between learning Spanish and pastoral ministry was an important focus for the weeks at MACC. I began my studies at the basic level and have committed to retuning in the future in order to build on this foundation. MACC’s packaging the courses in segments of three weeks makes such a return a realistic option. I highly recommend MACC.

Rev. James Swift, C.M.,  Provincial Superior, Congregation of the Mission